What is TravelMaster?

TravelMaster is co-owned by South Yorkshire’s private bus, tram and rail operators providing flexible and value for money travel tickets for transport users in South Yorkshire and is a member of the Travel South Yorkshire Partnership.

We offer a choice of 1 Day, 7 Day, 28 Day and Annual tickets for unlimited use on local buses, trains and trams in South Yorkshire.

Where can TravelMaster Products be used?

TravelMaster products can be used on all local bus services, all Supertram Services and all local rail services within South Yorkshire.

Our products are linked to zones based on each of the districts within South Yorkshire (E.G Rotherham) and can be used an all services in their respective zones to the boundary points we publish.

Terms and Conditions of use

All our products are issued and used subject to our Terms & Conditions of Sale and Use. These conditions detail our obligations to our customers, your obligations when using our products and details of our refund policy.
View Terms and Conditions here


Our Operators include: