What is TravelMaster?

TravelMaster is co-owned by South Yorkshire’s private bus, tram and rail operators and we provide flexible and value for money travel tickets for transport users in South Yorkshire.

We offer a choice of 1 Day, 7 Day, 28 Day and Annual tickets for unlimited use on local buses, trains and trams in South Yorkshire.

TravelMaster is a member of the Travel South Yorkshire Partnership and actively supports and provides value for money ticketing for each of the regions voluntary bus partnerships (Barnsley Bus Partnership, Doncaster Bus Partnership, Rotherham Bus Partnership and Sheffield Bus Partnership).

Customer Charter

Our Customer Charter  explains the customer service commitments we make to our customers and provides details of what our customers can expect when contacting us.

Read the Customer Charter here

TravelMaster Retail Strategy 2018 – 2021

Our Retail Strategy details our core priorities around the retail of products and provides a range of aspirational objectives that we intend to explore throughout its duration all designed to enhance the retail proposition we offer for our customers.

Read the Retail Strategy here

Facts & Figures

TravelMaster, in one form, has existed in South Yorkshire for over 25 years.

In that time we’ve managed a diverse range of products that have been streamlined and developed into the great range we offer our customers day today.

Most recently we’ve been engaged in extensive work to migrate our products onto smart cards and we’re proud to be one of the most advanced regional smart schemes in the UK outside of London.

Smart Cards – Did you Know?

  • There are over 120,000 TravelMaster smart cards in use and in circulation in South Yorkshire.
  • Almost 1.4 million smart journeys are made a month with TravelMaster products loaded to smart cards.
  • In the year up to May 2018 over 16.8 million smart journeys were made with TravelMaster products loaded to smart cards.
  • In the year up to May 2018 our most used smartcard made over 2800 journeys which equates to an average of 8 smart journeys a day.

Terms and Conditions of use

All our products are issued and used subject to our Terms & Conditions of Sale and Use. These conditions detail our obligations to our customers, your obligations when using our products and details of our refund policy.
View Terms and Conditions here

Legal Info

TravelMaster is the trading name of SCR Ticketing Company Ltd a Company registered in England and Wales at: TravelMaster 11 Broad Street West Sheffield S1 2BQ.

Company Number: 10965919  

Our Operators include: