Academic Ticketing Offer, 2017/18

Academic Ticket Offering, 2017/18

Due to low sales in previous years, TravelMaster will not be offering the Termly and Academic Annual students products for the 2017/18 academic year.

TravelMaster is currently undergoing a broad review of its youth ticketing range. As such, the Student CityBus 7-Day ticket will remain available until the results of the review are implemented.

Desktop Product Loaders at The Sheffield College, Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Sheffield have had their product catalogues updated to offer a wider range of TravelMaster products this year. These now include all age discounted products, as well as Sheffield-wide and County-wide full fare products. For the first time ever, 28-day versions of each of these products will be available for the start of the academic year.

Products can be purchased from the respective reception desks at the four main sites at The Sheffield College (City, Hillsborough, Olive Grove, Peaks). For the Universities, their respective Students’ Unions are their points of sale.

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