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TravelMaster Refunds are governed by Sections 6, 7 & 8 of our Terms & Conditions of Sale and Use ( We have provided details of those Sections below but they should be read in conjunction with the entire Terms & Conditions of Sale and Use.

Please pay specific attention to Section 6.6 for details of the administration process of applying for a refund as we will only accept refund applications submitted correctly.

[Sections 1 to 5]


6.1 General points to note on refunds

6.1.1. All refunds are issued at Our absolute discretion. This means that, except where the Product is faulty (see section 9) We have the right to refuse to give a refund for any reason.

6.1.2. No refunds will be given in respect of 1-day or 7-day Products.

6.2. Full refunds for unused Products

6.2.1. You can request a full refund for any annual, Termly or 28-day Product returned to Us (and received by Us) prior to the date on which the Product becomes valid for use. For example, if You want to return a Product that is valid from 1 December, We need to have received it, along with your proof of purchase and refund information (as explained further in section 6.6 below) by no later than 30 November in order for You to qualify for a full refund.

6.2.2. It is Your responsibility to ensure that You return the Product to Us in plenty of time before the start date of the Product.

6.2.3. If We receive a returned Product after the Product’s start date, We will refuse to give a refund and return the Product to You.

6.2.4. We reserve the right to deduct an administrative charge from any refund provided up to £25 for 28-day Products and £50 for annual Products.

6.2.5. No refunds will be issued for Products bought in error, except in accordance with this paragraph 6.2.

6.3. Partial refunds

6.3.1. You can request a partial refund for any annual or termly Product which has not expired at the date We receive it back.

6.3.2. No partial refunds will be given in respect of 28-day, 7-day, or 1-day Products or for annual Products that have expired as of the date that We receive it from You.

6.3.3. Any refund given will be calculated from the date that We receive the returned annual Product to the expiry date of the Product. This will be based on the cost of the annual Product minus the amount that would have been paid by You for a Product covering the duration that You possessed such annual Product. You will not be entitled to a refund in respect of the period from which You stopped using the annual Product to the date on which We receive the returned Product.

6.3.4. Any refund provided would be calculated by deducting the cost of a Product in respect of the period used (upto and including the date We receive it back) from the price paid for the Product.

6.3.5. We reserve the right to deduct up to £50 from any partial refund as an administrative charge.

6.4 Lost or Stolen Products/smart cards

6.4.1. Due to the nature of the Products and the need to minimise fraud, We are unable to offer any refunds or replacements for lost or stolen Products / smart cards, except for: annual Products which have a photograph of the holder. We will provide 1 free replacement and 1 further replacement atthe cost of £50. The replacement Product will only be valid for the remaining unexpired period of the original Product; or personalised smart cards. All replacements will be issued at the cost of £7 and any Products written onto the original smart card will not be replaced or refunded.

6.4.2. We cannot provide a refund or replacement for any lost or stolen product issued on paper.

6.5 Withdrawn Products smart cards

6.5.1 We will not issue any refunds for Products / smart cards that have been withdrawn by Us or Our Employees and Representatives where You have, or We suspect that You have, misused the Product / smart card. This includes using it outside of the designated travel zone for that Product, using a personalised smart card belonging to someone else or travelling without a valid Product).

6.6. Refund process

6.6.1. To return a Product You must accompany it with: the smart card and counterpart (if applicable); a written request for a refund; proof of purchase (i.e. your receipt [or email confirmation]); and details of your full name (as it appears on your bank account), your bank account number, sort code, and an address for returning your smart card (if applicable). [We will only use this information for processing Your refund and We will securely delete this information once Your refund has been processed.]

6.6.2.You are responsible for providing Us with correct information. We will not be liable where You have provided Us with any incorrect information, including where You have provided incorrect bank account details resulting in a refund being processed to the wrong account.

6.6.3. Returns requests must be made to the following address: TravelMaster Ltd, 11 Broad Street West, Sheffield, S1 2BQ

6.6.4. We recommend that You return any Product to Us by recorded delivery as You will be responsible for the Product until We have received it. You will also be responsible for the cost of returning the Product to Us (unless it is faulty). If You do not pay the correct postage We will not issue a refund or return the Product.

6.6.5. Where We agree to a refund, We will issue the refund by the original form of payment if You paid by debit or credit card or otherwise by BACS. We are not able to issue any refunds in cash.

6.6.6. Where possible, We will return Your smart card to You once a refund has been issued / refused unless you specifically state that You do not want Us to do so. We will deduct £3 from any refund issued to cover the costs of administration and postage.


7.1. We will ensure that our points of sale are fit for purpose and that any automated or self-service processes used by Us or Our agents to retail Products are thoroughly tested and designed for customer ease.

7.2. We will mandate that any automated or self-service point of sale incorporates a three stage Product confirmation process to ensure that We supply You with a product to your own specification. We will proactively ensure the provision of accurate information at those points of sale to specifically assist You in making that selection.

7.3. We will not accept liability for any error You make in the selection of a product; however we will provide a 30 minute grace period whereby You may seek a refund or perform an exchange for a correct Product. This 30 minute period applies to errors reported to Us or Our agent in person at, or as practicably close to, a point of sale during the operational hours of that specific point of sale. This 30 Minute Grace Period does not apply to reports of errors made over the phone or via e-mail and will not be available to customers outside of the trading hours of the Point of Sale used.

7.4. We will not provide any refund outside of those covered by clause 6 in the event that You purchase the incorrect ticket and this error is not reported in accordance with clause 7.3.


8.1. If any Product You purchase is faulty or does not comply with the Contract, please contact Us as soon as possible using the contact details in section 12.

[Sections 9 to 12]