TravelMaster combines all your bus, tram and train journeys into one easy to use low-cost ticket

Frequently Asked Questions

On this page are many of the questions frequently asked about the TravelMaster Smartcard. By clicking on the question you can see the answer.

About your TravelMaster Smartcard

What does smart mean?

The simple answer is ‘electronic’. There is a chip in the smartcard that can hold information about the ticket you have bought and which can be ‘read’ by a card validation machine on a buses and trams.

Why are smartcards being launched in South Yorkshire?

TravelMaster launched its range of smart products in August 2014 and since that time has steadily converted its range to smart format such that now 99% are smart. The 21st century passenger needs to be able to buy tickets locally, even 24/7 and have information at their fingertips. The smartcard project will mean less worry about having the right change or asking for the right ticket. All in all, a more user-friendly service.

How much is it costing and will it result in higher fares?

The cost is being funded by a partnership of Operators, TravelMaster, the Department for Transport and the Transport Executive. Their combined investment pays for smart-reader machines, expanding the retail network, developing IT equipment, launching new products and marketing. This project is a commitment to achieve growth and better customer service through smart technology and improved services, not through raising fares.

When will I be able to get a Pay As You Go TravelMaster?

We are  working on several initiatives to develop our smart capabilities. This includes ‘Pay as You Go’ but we have decided to enhance our retail facilities first to make it easier to top up ‘PayGo’ without delaying your buses and trams.

Where can I get details of TravelMaster tickets?

For prices and details of TravelMaster products go to the Home Page of this website and follow the links.

Contact us

If you still have a question about smartcards and you've not found a suitable answer above we want to hear from you.

If you have any general questions about Smartcards give Traveline a call at 01709 51 51 51.

For questions relating to TravelMaster products please email or call 0114 2211 444 between 9:30 and 14:30 on most business days. If we cannot answer your call, please leave a brief message with your name, number and the details of your enquiry and we will get back to you within 48 hours on business days only.

Using your TravelMaster Smartcard

Where do I go to add travel tickets to get my smart TravelMaster?

You can get a smart TravelMaster from either a Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) at all interchanges and bus stations in South Yorkshire. You can use both credit/cards or cash at most of these. If you are entitled to a discounted product (you are under 26 years old) then you will need to get a personalised smartcard. Go to and follow the links to ‘MyTSY'.

How do I get a TravelMaster ticket?

You can get many 1 and 7-Day tickets from your bus driver or the tram conductor. To get a 28-Day ticket you will need to go to an interchange and use the Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs). We accept credit/debit cards at all TVMs and you can use cash at the helpdesks in the Barnsley, Doncaster, Meadowhall, Rotherham and Sheffield Interchanges.

What do I do if my smart TravelMaster is not working and has been refused by a driver?

Either your TravelMaster has expired, has no travel product written to the card or it has been damaged.

Please go to your local Bus Station/Interchange Customer Service desk as soon as possible so that we can establish what is wrong. If you don’t have a valid ticket when you board you will have to pay the cash fare.

Our smartcards have undergone rigorous testing and we are proud to say that card failure or damage is very unlikely to be the cause. In fact, since August 2014 we have only had to replace two cards, both of which had suffered willful damage!

Many problems arise when people have not followed the on-screen instructions on TVMs and their product has not been written to the card. We are able to check every transaction including failures and we ask users to take particular care. Always ensure that you put your card back on the scanner once the transaction has been completed, this will ensure that the product is loaded onto your card.

Remember, smartcards have a five year lifespan (at least) and we will be introducing a charge for all new cards soon. If your personalised smartcard is lost or stolen you will need to buy a new one for £7.00 by calling Traveline on 01709 515151. You will not be able to buy discounted products until you have your new card, which can take up to ten working days. At the present time we cannot restore any product if you lose your card or if it is stolen. Please see out Terms and Conditions for full details.

If I lose my card what can I do?

If it is a personalised card you can order one on-line or go to a Customer Service Desk at Transport Interchanges or bus stations, although you will be charged £7.00 for the replacement. Unfortunately we will be unable to restore your travel ticket as it remains valid if someone finds and uses it.

I have a card issued by someone else, can I use it?

It is easier if you use a TravelMaster smartcard but you can use a Stagecoach or M-Card (West Yorkshire) smartcard for the purchase of 1/7/28-Day adult products.

You can buy discounted products if you have a TravelMaster personalised smartcard or a valid SYPTE-issued Megatravel or 16-18 smartcard for GetAbout/GetAbout Plus only.

What is Transport for the North and will it affect South Yorkshire?

Transport for the North (TfN) is a new body to be formally created 2017 April. This is an initiative between the UK Government and local areas in preparation for the elections for new Executive Mayors in the City Regions.

We are already working with the shadow body and our fellow ticketing companies in Greater Manchester, Tyne and Weir and West Yorkshire. It is early days and no projects are yet in development and much of TfN’s focus will be on the Railway. Rest assured that all your traditional tickets will still be available but we will be able to introduce any initiatives which may help you travel across the whole of Northern England. We will be announcing these as work progresses.