TravelMaster combines all your bus, tram and train journeys into one easy to use low-cost ticket

TravelMaster Smartcards


TravelMaster has converted some of it products to smart format. Over the coming year we will continue to add more products to our smart range and you will also see new opportunities to buy them. Smartcards will give us the opportunity to look at new ticket options in the future and we hope that you will enjoy using them.

Just click on the cards below to find out where to get your smartcard and how to use it throughout South Yorkshire.

The Smartcard

TravelMaster Smartcard

The smartcard will already be familiar to many; bank cards, security access cards and store loyalty cards are forms of smartcard. For those interested in the technical, they are plastic cards with an embedded electronic chip/processor which stores detail of the ticket product and its use in readable form.

The Counterpart

TravelMaster Smartcard

We will need to use paper counterparts for the time being as the railway has not yet installed readers for smartcards and there are a few smaller bus operators who have still to do so. Please keep it safe, with your smartcard, as both are required for travel on all buses, trams as well as trains.