Enhancements to Discount Card from 01 March 2020

TravelMaster 18-21 Discount Card to become the 18-22 Discount Card on the 1st March 2020

07 January 2020

On the 1st March 2020 TravelMaster’s 18-21 Discount Card will change to be the 18-22 Discount Card.

This change will mean that anyone aged up to the day before their 23rd Birthday will be eligible for a discount of 15% against all adult TravelMaster tickets purchased in advance. Currently only people aged up to the day before their 22nd birthday are able to purchase products at discounted rates.

TravelMaster is making the enhancement in response to feedback from Young People, particularly undergraduate students, around the existing age range not always covering their time in further education.

Instead of creating confusing bespoke student products for these customers we have opted to increase the age range eligible for our discounted tickets so more young people, regardless of educational status, can benefit from reduced prices for all of our tickets as they progress towards full fare paying passengers.

To apply for the new 18-22 Discount Card a Young Person will go to sytravelmaster.com and sign-up for an account. Cards will no longer be applied for through the Travel South Yorkshire site.  Through this account they will then apply for the 18-22 Discount Card, providing a passport sized photo and proof of age. Their card will be printed and sent by 2nd Class post to their address. It can then be used immediately to buy discounted tickets online, from Payzone outlets and from Ticket Machines.

Any existing 18-21 Discount cardholder who wants the added year of discounted travel will need to sign-up and apply for a new card at sytravelmaster.com but all existing 18-21 Discount Cards will continue to work, and provide discounted prices for cardholders, until the date they expire.

The new 18-22 Discount Card provides a 15% Discount against all advance purchase full price TravelMaster products for anyone aged up to the day before their 23rd Birthday.

The discount is provided entirely commercially by TravelMaster without any public subsidy.

Holders of the 18-22 Discount Card can use it to access reduced prices for tickets:

  • bought online at sytravelmaster.com
  • bought through Payzone outlets
  • bought from a Ticket Machine at an Interchange.

18-22 Discount Prices 

Product 1-Day 7-Day 28-Day
CityBus £4.00 £13.80 £52.00
CityWide £4.30 £14.80 £55.70
BConnect, DConnect & RConnect £4.25 £14.70 £55.10
SYConnect £5.90 £19.90 £74.90
SYConnect+ £7.40 £26.00 £97.40