TravelMaster Introduces New Discount for 18-21 Year Olds

On the 1st September 2018 we will be introducing some changes to our South Yorkshire bus, train and tram tickets; including a new and enhanced approach to providing discounts for 18-21 year olds in the region with a new and bespoke ‘18-21 Discount Card’.

The ‘18-21 Discount Card’ will be a smart card available for all young people regardless of where they live or their level of study who travel in South Yorkshire up to the day before their 22nd birthday. With it an eligible young person will enjoy a discount of 15% against the price of all adult 7 & 28 Day TravelMaster tickets.

This new approach will replace our current branded youth products, the SYConnect18, 20 & 25 and the SYConnect+18, 20 & 25, which will be withdrawn from sale from the 1st October 2018. This change will not affect the discounted GetAbout range of tickets for under-18s.

Announcing the new card, which will be promoted through a retro 8-bit themed campaign, Matt Smallwood, General Manager of TravelMaster, said:

“I’m delighted to announce our new and enhanced approach towards providing discounts for 18-21 year olds in the region. I’m incredibly pleased that we’re able to offer our already amazing value adult products for even less. We’ll be offering a discount against every one of our adult 7 & 28 Day tickets, regardless of their geographical or modal validity, which will make this one of the most flexible approaches towards discounts for this age-range in the country.

“South Yorkshire already has one of the most advanced and value for money integrated ticketing systems outside London and this is yet another innovative step we’re taking towards making that offer even easier to access for the region’s transport users.”

The ’18-21 Discount Card’ will be applied for online through the Travel South Yorkshire Website where customers will need a valid proof of age (Passport, Driving License or Birth Certificate) and a passport sized photo. With the discount card customers can buy discounted 7 & 28 Day versions of all TravelMaster’s standard products (CityBus, CityWide, BConnect, DonConnect, RConnect, SYConnect & SYConnect+) from Ticket Vending Machines at interchanges located around the county.

18-21 Discount Prices:


Ticket(s) Duration Adult Price 18-21 Price Saving



































Withdrawn Products:

The following tickets will be withdrawn from sale from the 1st October 2018 and will no longer be valid for travel from the 1st February 2019.


7 & 28 Day


7 & 28 Day


7 & 28 Day

SYConnect+18 (Formerly TravelMaster18)

7 & 28 Day

SYConnect+20 (Formerly TravelMaster20)

7 & 28 Day

SYConnect+18 (Formerly TravelMaster20)

7 & 28 Day