Discounted Smart Tickets Available to Buy Online from July 9


5th June 2019

YOUNG PEOPLE aged up to their 22nd birthday in South Yorkshire will soon be able to purchase discounted and flexible multi-modal and multi-operator ITSO smart travel tickets online.

From Tuesday 9th July customers with a TravelMaster 18-21 Discount Card will be able to buy discounted 1, 7 & 28-Day tickets, valid across all buses, trams and trains in South Yorkshire no matter what company operates them, at their own convenience through the TravelMaster website. 1-Day tickets are also being discounted for this age-range for the first time.

Customers simply select and pay for their discounted ticket online at using a valid Debit or Credit Card. Their tickets are then loaded to smart 18-21 Discount Cards using the TravelMaster Download App installed on any NFC enabled Android device.

With this change TravelMaster’s discounted tickets can be purchased and loaded to a smartcard anywhere and not just from Ticket Vending Machines at interchanges. Later in the year TravelMaster also plans to allow customers to collect the products they’ve purchased online on-board buses and trams as part of their journey.

“This development is something that has been long awaited by our youth customers and I’m delighted we’ve been able to introduce it and make it easier than ever for them to access discounted travel tickets.

With this change Young People in South Yorkshire can access discounted versions of some of the lowest priced transport tickets in the UK from the comfort of their own home. Not only that but with our decision to also discount day products even more young people will be able to benefit from cheaper travel as they access education and employment throughout the region”.

Matt Smallwood, General Manager of TravelMaster

This is the latest part of TravelMaster’s extensive eCommerce programme which is being delivered to make it easier for customers to purchase flexible multi-operator transport tickets in South Yorkshire before they travel and in a way that meets their needs.

Products & Prices

Ticket Validity 18-21 Price
CityBus 1 Day All buses in Sheffield £4.00
CityBus 7 Day £13.80
CityBus 28 Day £52.00
CityWide 1 Day All buses & trams in Sheffield £4.25
CityWide 7 Day £14.70
CityWide 28 Day £55.10
BConnect 1 Day All buses in Barnsley £4.25
BConnect 7 Day £14.70
BConnect 28 Day £55.10
DConnect 1 Day All buses in Doncaster £4.25
DConnect 7 Day £14.70
DConnect 28 Day £55.10
RConnect 1 Day All buses & trams in Rotherham £4.25
RConnect 7 Day £14.70
RConnect 28 Day £55.10
SYConnect 1 Day All buses & trams in South Yorkshire £5.80
SYConnect 7 Day £19.90
SYConnect 28 Day £74.90
SYConnect+ 1 Day All buses, trams & trains in South Yorkshire £7.20
SYConnect+ 7 Day £25.20
SYConnect+ 28 Day £94.60