2018 – A Great Year For Us And Our Customers

Our General Manager Matt has rounded up what we’ve been doing throughout 2018 and what we’ve achieved and delivered for our customers.

As we come to the end of 2018 it seems like a good time to think back across what has been an incredibly successful year for TravelMaster and a year where we have introduced significant enhancements for our customers.

From starting on a high with our name appearing on the shortlist for ‘Best Smart Transport Ticketing Programme’ at the Global Transport Ticketing Awards back in January we’ve really kept that momentum going throughout the year:

March saw us migrate our GetAbout range onto smart MegaTravel and 16-18 Travel Passes meaning that 100% of our products are now available to be loaded onto smart media.

In June we issued a Customer Charter detailing our Customer Service obligations, policies and standards of service to enable our customer to transparently hold us to account around customer service provision.

Then in July TravelMaster products were made available on operator own mTicket platforms through the First MTickets App and the Stagecoach Bus Apps; a multi-operator first for these apps and a great example of collaboration.

Also in July we published our Retail Strategy which outlined what our aspirational objectives are around how our customers will purchase and fulfil their products through to 2021.

This was followed up in September with the introduction of an innovative new approach to delivering discounts for young people through a simplified discount structure providing discounts against all our products, rather than a select few.

Then finally in November we started a trial of an automated support bot via Messenger to provide a simple and easy way for our customers to access support around common queries or issues.

That’s just the visible work that we’ve promoted; behind the scenes we’ve been working to improve our processes, how we communicate with our partners (this Newsletter for example!) and refine on our governance model which is now regarded as best practice for a Ticketing Company.

It really has been an incredible year and with the recent announcement of our appointment of Rambus to deliver an innovative eCommerce solution I’m confident that 2019 will be just as successful and that we will continue to deliver great things for our customers and the region more generally.

Whilst I’m incredibly proud to be at the helm of one of the country’s leading ticketing companies these significant achievements wouldn’t have been possible without the buy-in, support, collaboration and dedication of our partners, operators, stakeholders and suppliers so to them and our customers I say thank you, happy holidays and here’s to a great 2019!

Matt Smallwood – General Manager of TravelMaster