Day: 20 June 2019

8 Years of Value for Money & Smarter Travel for South Yorkshire

Over the past 8 Years TravelMaster has been at the forefront of delivering value-for-money and smarter transport tickets for residents and visitors in South Yorkshire.

Since 2011 we have made huge progress making it easier, smarter and less expensive to travel by bus, tram or train in the region regardless of the company operating them.

Smart Ticketing

We are one of the leading smart ticketing schemes in the UK and have a number of industry firsts to our name:

…deploying the first annual tri-modal ticket to a smart card in 2013

…being the first area to offer multi-operator 7 & 28 Day tickets to smart cards in 2014

…being the first to offer smart multi-operator 1 & 7 Day tickets on board in 2015

…and the first area to use smart journey data for reporting and apportionment purposes in 2016

Which are just a few reasons why we were shortlisted for ‘Best Smart Ticketing Programme’ at the 2018 Global Transport Ticketing Awards.

We now have hundreds of thousands of customers, making millions of journeys each year, easily across all modes in South Yorkshire with smart & integrated tickets.

Simplified Ticketing

From 2011 we have overhauled our range of ticketing products to make them easier to understand, easier to access and more relevant to how people travel locally.

We have prioritised bus & tram valid tickets to remove the need for all customers to pay for rail travel; regardless of if they needed it. From 2017 we also undertook a huge simplification programme designed to reduce the complexity of our ticketing range following justified criticism from passengers.

This saw the introduction of the CityWide in 2012, district Connect Products & GetAbout from 2014, CityBus in 2015 and the withdrawal of over 120 complex and hard to understand tickets from 2017 to date.

We now field a simplified offer of just 28 tickets delivered under 9 easily understood and recognisable brands.

Value for Money

We continue to offer some of the lowest fares in the UK with our bus only products being significantly cheaper than equivalent products available in Leeds, Manchester, London, Glasgow and most other similarly sized metropolitan areas – in some cases our customers pay as much as £7.70 less for a weekly ticket than they would elsewhere.

Not only do we offer some of the cheapest products in the UK we’ve also provided customers with 7 years’ worth of inflation beating prices. This means the vast majority of our tickets today cost less than they did in 2012 and significantly less than they would do if they’d increased with inflation since then.

TravelMaster, the easier and smarter way to travel for less by any bus…any tram & any train…anywhere in South Yorkshire.