Day: 20 September 2019

iPhone Compatibility is here!

South Yorkshire’s passengers amongst the first to benefit from the new iPhone update

20 Sept 2019


PASSENGERS in South Yorkshire are some of the first in the UK to benefit from the enhanced Near-Field Communication(NFC) features introduced with the release of iOS 13 for iPhone on the 19th September.

NFC is the system used by a smart device to load information to a smartcard. Until now passengers could only load travel tickets bought online to a card through an Android device. This has changed with the release of iOS 13 as the TravelMaster Download App has been made available on the App Store for iPhone users to install to their devices.

This change means South Yorkshire is amongst the first places in the world offering passengers the ability to load a travel ticket to a smartcard through an iPhone. As a result, over 95% of smartphone users in South Yorkshire, across Apple and Android devices, can now buy flexible multi-operator transport tickets for the region at their own convenience and before they travel.

Matt Smallwood, Director & General Manager of TravelMaster, said: “I’m over the moon that we’re able to offer our customers the ability to download products bought online through an iPhone. Providing this long-awaited compatibility from day-one of it being possible means that we will be amongst the first smart ticketing schemes in the UK, and potentially in the world, delivering an iPhone compatible ticket download platform.

TravelMaster has an envious reputation as a leader in its field and this is yet another huge achievement for the region alongside a massive enhancement for our customers. Through doubling number of people who can access some of the UK’s lowest priced travel tickets it is now easier than ever to purchase flexible travel by bus, tram & train in South Yorkshire well before it is needed on board”.

To purchase and load tickets passengers will select and pay for it online at using a valid Debit or Credit Card. Their purchased ticket is then loaded to a smartcard using the TravelMaster Download App installed on any NFC compatible Android or on any iPhone 7 or newer with iOS 13 installed.

This is the latest element of TravelMaster’s extensive eCommerce programme which is being delivered to make it easier for customers to purchase flexible multi-operator transport tickets in South Yorkshire before they travel and in a way that meets their needs.

Get the App here