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Introduction from Director & General Manager

The Coronavirus Pandemic has had a profound impact on our everyday lives; the way we work, shop and spend our free time will inevitably change as we return to a new normal post lock-down.

Throughout lock-down the number of people cycling and walking has increased by staggering amounts. There is now a real opportunity to bring together this newfound growth in Active Travel with flexible transport ticketing to deliver truly sustainable travel; away from private car ownership and use.

I hope we can begin to lay the foundations for Partnerships within the Active Travel environment that combine those modes of travel with flexible multi-operator ticketing; from providing Active Travel Credit against our tickets; all the way through to potentially delivering products that combine traditional public transport with cycling or walking.

Let’s keep the momentum going and move forward together to promote sustainable transport as the default for South Yorkshire.

Matt Smallwood – TravelMaster Director & General Manager

In a post COVID-19 world it is essential that organisations come together to promote sustainable ways of travelling. TravelMaster wants to work with organisations to incorporate public transport tickets with Active Travel to promote journeys that aren’t being made by bike, or by walking,  being made on public transport instead of by car.

From bike shops to sports equipment stores we want to work in partnership with you to add flexible transport tickets to your Active Travel offers.

From running clubs to walking clubs we want to work with you to add and reward your members for Active Travel with flexible transport tickets.

For charities and interest groups we want to work in partnership with you to incentivise Active Travel through offering flexible travel tickets

A partnership could take the form of promotional codes offered to customers when a certain threshold of spend has been met in a bike store or sports retailer.

(e.g. Someone purchasing £30 of cycling equipment could receive a voucher for £5 off of a 28-Day  Ticket.)

A partnership could take the form of Active Travel providers being set up as a retailer to include travel tickets within their hire/rental packages or as an added extra when buying equipment.

(e.g. Someone hiring a bike for a week could purchase a 7-Day TravelMaster Ticket.)

A partnership could take the form of providing discounts against travel tickets as a reward for achieving certain Active Travel milestones. 

(e.g Someone who walks 10,000 steps in a week could potentially receive a discount of 10% on a 7-Day TravelMaster Ticket.)

Partner with TravelMaster

TavelMaster is ready to partner with Active Travel providers and interest groups immediately. We’ll be proactively engaging with the Active Travel industry but would encourage those businesses, charities or other organisations keen to work collaboratively with us to make a fundamental change to how people travel post COVID-19 to contact us today.




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