Contactless & Pre-Purchase Strategy

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Headline Approaches

Strategic Priorities

The national bus companies are developing a system to deploy contactless capping (where you tap and are capped at the amount you pay) nationwide and TravelMaster will be looking at how this can work within a multi-operator environment.

This means we’re looking at three key areas across hardware, the local caps and the governance model:

Potential Approaches

Contactless is complex and the region has a very diverse technical makeup of different back offices, different ticket machines and different networking.

This means we will be looking at a range of different ways, from tapping on through to tapping on and tapping off, that could be used to deliver contactless capping for the region

Identifying Caps

South Yorkshire currently has some of the lowest multi-operator fares in the country with many being priced less than the national average fares for single operator use.

This presents a challenge as ultimately the approach we take will need to strike a balance between providing a customer with the benefits of contactless capping whilst making sure that it doesn’t reduce the sustainability of the network provided as a whole.

This strategy does not identify what those exact caps may be but it does commit to ensuring that the caps identified are relevant for passengers whilst also sustainable for local operators.

Our caps could be based on:


Contactless is only relevant for passengers with contactless cards – we will maintain and protect pre-purchase products to ensure those without contactless cards, bank accounts or children can continue to access the region’s multi-operator offer.

We will therefore look to:

Delivery Roadmap