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In April we made the difficult decision to suspend all discretionary refunds for TravelMaster Tickets. This was the result of a significant reduction in revenue and the very real risk that TravelMaster may not have had the cashflow to fund refunds alongside meeting our key financial commitments. However, we are now in a position to reinstate the discretionary refunds usually provided under our standard Terms & Conditions.

The reinstatement of discretionary refunds will apply to tickets purchased after the 4th July 2020.


New guidance has been released by the Department of Transport on walking, cycling, and travelling in vehicles or on public transport during the coronavirus outbreak.

Please consider this guidance carefully before purchasing travel tickets as refunds or extensions may not be available.

The latest travel advice can be viewed at


We want to make it easier for the regions employers to provide key workers with essential travel at this challenging time by making interim versions of our tickets available in bulk.

TravelMaster’s Interim Tickets are printed versions of our normal tickets with a fixed end date (not limited to 1-Day, 7-Day or 28-Day). Instead of our usual smartcards they will be shown to the driver or conductor on-board as a flash pass instead of scanned to reduce the need for contact.

Interim Versions of these Tickets are available:

  • CityBus (all buses in Sheffield)
  • CityWide (all buses & trams in Sheffield)
  • BConnect (all buses in Barnsley), DConnect (all buses in Doncaster)
  • RConnect (all buses & trams in Rotherham)
  • SYConnect (all buses & trams in South Yorkshire)
  • SYConnect+ (all buses, trams & trains in South Yorkshire)

Interim Tickets are only available to organisations/employers, and not to individuals directly. An employer/organisation wanting to provide/fund essential travel for key workers using public transport can find more information on Interim Tickets here:


We have taken the difficult decision to suspend all our refunds, other than those required by law, as our sales are understandably declining and we may not have the reserves to fund this for all customers who might ask for them.

This means:

  • There will be no refunds for any partially used, or unused tickets, though replacements may be considered on a case by case basis.
  • There will be no refunds for incorrectly purchased tickets, however, replacements may be provided on a case by case basis.
  • Our exceptional policy of providing lost days travel remains time banded to 01 April and after this date purchasing a 28-Day ticket will be at a customer’s own risk. We are not withdrawing these longer durations as some key workers will still benefit from the value they offer over 4 7-Day tickets.
  • We will put annual tickets on ‘pause’ but we are unfortunately unable to fund refunds for these tickets currently. To ‘pause’ tickets, email to request a product extension.


  • Our 0114 2211 444 helpline will be temporarily suspended so if you need to contact us you should use Twitter or email us at – there may unfortunately be some delay in our responses to these.
  • We are advising customers to purchase tickets online at and load them through their phone to reduce cash handling on-board or the use of touch-screens on TVMs (Note that TVMs are being cleaned every 30 minutes).
  • If you purchase a 28-Day ticket before 01 April 2020 and are unable to use it due to self-isolation we will make sure you get the days you don’t use when things are back to normal. We will not be able to offer this for any 1 or 7-Day tickets or for any tickets purchased after 01 April 2020

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