• About Our Management

    TravevelMaster is led by our Director & General Manager Matt Smallwood. 

    As Director & General Manager Matt leads TravelMaster and is a member of, and accountable to, the company’s Board of Directors (made up of the region’s public transport operators) for the effective management, development and delivery of the Company, and the Company’s ticketing products, as a whole.

    He is responsible for making sure all of our systems work, our products are relevant to our customers and for the promotion of the business in general.

    Matt has worked for TravelMaster since 2013 and has led the organisation since 2017 –  he has a Bachelor of Laws from the University of York and is a Member of the Institute of Directors and the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport.

  • About Our Corporate Governance

    SCR Ticketing Company Limited is our formal name and our Board of Directors is responsible for establishing the company’s vision, mission and values, setting its strategy and structure and delegating to management.

    It is the Board of Directors who determine the Products we offer and they collectively set the pricing for them. The board is made up of 6 non-executive directors and 1 executive director with the majority of these nominated by the company’s shareholders.

    The Board of Directors:

  • How we Work

    We believe transparency is key to  the region’s operators have confidence in the TravelMaster Ticketing Scheme.

    Our focus is on providing tickets our customers need and at great prices.

    We believe collaboration with operators and Local Authorities is key to delivering transport ticketing.