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All 7 & 28-Day TravelMaster tickets are available to buy from over 900 local convenience stores carrying the Payzone logo

Payzone outlets sell all TravelMaster 7 & 28 Day tickets and at our lower priced advance purchase rates.
This means all GetAbout & GetAbout+ tickets for kids, discounted versions of products for holders of an 18-22 Discount Card and all of our popular standard products such as the CityWide & CityBus will be available.
You can pay for your tickets with cash, bank card and also with smart devices like Apple Pay and Google Pay.
We are promoting Payzone as the main way for tickets to be purchased off-vehicle if paying with cash and not buying online.
Payzone is a local and convenient way to buy your travel tickets and most areas and communities will have access to a local store where they live.
You can find your nearest outlet here