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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Non-Personalised Smartcard – The majority of TravelMaster’s 7 and 28 day products are loaded to this kind of card. They cost £1 and can be bought as part of a transaction:
    • At Ticketing Vending Machines in transport Interchanges across South Yorkshire
    • On board most buses and trams in South Yorkshire
  • Annual TravelMasters – Annual TravelMasters (such as the SYConnect+) are fulfilled via their own bespoke smartcard design. When you order the product (via the web portal mentioned above) the product and smartcard are delivered as one.
  • Check the ‘Our Products’ page on this website
  • Call Traveline on 01709 515151
  • At Ticket Vending Machines at interchanges in South Yorkshire – 7 and 28 TravelMaster products are available from here.
  • On board bus and tram – most 1 and 7 day products are available.
  • On Bus – Almost all buses now have a Smartcard Reader now built in to their Ticket Machines. Simply hold the smartcard against this panel and the machine will check for a valid product.
  • On tram – Simply present your Smartcard to the on board conductor, who will scan it with their machine.
  • On train – The railway is not yet Smartcard enabled. For products that cover train travel, a paper counterpart is issued. Simply present the Smartcard and counterpart together to the conductor.
  • Non-Personalised Smartcard – you can purchase another Smartcard for £1 the next time you purchase a product. Non-personalised Smartcards can be purchased from Ticket Vending Machines or on most Buses and Trams.
  • Annual TravelMaster – you can replace your Annual SYConnect+ by ringing Traveline on 01709 515151. The first re-issue is free of charge, the second re-issue is £50 and third onwards is at full price.

Our products are rigorously tested to last five years but often customers contact us to say their card is broken or not working. In most cases we can’t replace the card or the products loaded to them so we ask that customers:

  • No not bend or flex your Smartcard
  • Scuff or scratch the edges of your Smartcard
  • Keep your Smartcard with your wallet or somewhere safe whilst travelling
  • Treat it like you would any other important document (bank card, drivers licence or passport)
  • Keep your receipt after you buy your product as a proof of purchase
  • Keep your paper counterpart and Smartcard together

Please check at a Customer Service Desk that your card works before making a purchase if you are concerned about the condition of your Smartcard.


  • There are three main reasons why a smart card will not scan. Either: the product has expired, there is no product written to the smart card, or the Smart card has been damaged. To investigate which it is, the first port of call is to take your smartcard to a Customer Service Desk at an Interchange in South Yorkshire.
    • If there is no valid product on the card – simply purchase a new product. Please note: If you believe that there should be a valid product on the card, please see the entry entitled: I paid for a ticket, but there is no product on my smartcard.
    • If the smart card is damaged – smart cards have been rigorously tested and have a five year lifespan. If the smart card has failed through technical failure or accidental damage, then a replacement may be provided. To apply for a replacement, please take your smartcard and proof of purchase to a Customer Service Desk at an Interchange. Please note:
      • There are no refunds available for damaged products / smartcards.
      • Per our Terms & Conditions, replacements are provided at our sole discretion and we have the right to refuse to  provide a replacement for any reason.
  • This happens most often when a new customer hasn’t put the Smartcard on the Smartcard reader at the end of the transaction. If the smartcard is not presented, the transaction times out and is cancelled. Due to the complexities of the software, this can occur either before or after we have received the money from your card. In all instances, please visit a Customer Service Desk at the earliest convenience. They will be able to check if we have taken the money or not. Customer Service Desks are situated at Interchanges across South Yorkshire.
    • If the money has been received – apply for a refund, either by letter (TravelMaster, 11 Broad Street West, Sheffield, S1 2BQ) or by email (
    • If the money has not been received – this means that the money will have been removed by your card company pending the payment. It should be returned automatically. Please contact your bank to find out what their Service Level Agreement is for returning such funds. As we have not received any money, there is nothing we can do at this point.
  • Refunds are available in specific circumstances. Whilst they are assessed on a case-by-case basis, there are a few basic ground rules:
    • No refunds will be given for 1 Day or 7 Day products
    • 28 Day, Term and Annual products will be:
      • Refunded in full if they are returned to our office prior to the first day of validity
      • Partially refunded if they are returned to our office during the course of its validity

Please download the TravelMaster Refund Request Form from and fill it in fully. Please post the completed form, your proof of purchase and the product you are claiming a refund for to:
11 Broad Street West,
S1 2BQ

Alternatively, you can email a scan of the form and your proof of purchase to, but please note that you will need to post your product to us as part of the request.

11 Broad Street West
S1 2BQ

  • Partial refunds are not pro-rated. They are calculated by determining what the value of travel is for the days that have been used up to that point and deducting that from the fee initially paid.
    • For example, if a customer bought an SYConnect + 28-Day ticket (£111.40) and returned it after one day, the refund would be £102.90. This is because the 1-Day SYConnect+ ticket costs £8.50, so that is the value of the travel used, and that is deducted from £111.40 to give the refund value.
    • We reserve the right to deduct up to an administrative charge on any refund request
      • Up to £5 on 28 Day products
      • Up to £25 on Term / Annual products

You can use a Stagecoach smart card for the purchase of 1/7/28-Day adult products.

  • Please contact Traveline on 01709 515151
  • Regarding a driver/conductor not accepting my Smartcard/ticket
  • Regarding a Ticket Vending Machine
    • If on site and it is open, go to the Customer Service Desk in the interchange in question
    • Call Traveline on 01709 515151
  • Regarding TravelMaster policy, staff, product suitability

TravelMaster products are valid for a consecutive number of days, starting from and including the first date selected.

For example, a 7-Day ticket bought and selected to start on a Monday would be valid Monday to Sunday inclusive.

  • 1-Day tickets – available at Staffed Stations and from conductors on trains at Unstaffed Sations
  • 7-Day and 28-Day tickets – available at Staffed Stations
    • Please note: These products require a passport sized colour photograph.
  • Annual tickets – unfortunately not. Please call Traveline on 01709 515151 to purchase the SYConnect+ Annual.

Payzone is one of South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE)’s retail channels. If you have a problem relating to the purchase of a product at one of these outlets, please contact Payzone directly.

The South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) manage the ordering of 18-21 discount cards and annual TravelMaster Smartcards via their MyTSY portal.

If you encounter issues with any aspect of this process, please contact the SYPTE via Traveline on 01709 515151.

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